My European experiences with Islam

Reflections on Rome

Besides sightseeing, being in Rome for a few days gave me a good opportunity to reflect upon the visible impacts, that recent waves of migration from Northern Africa to Italy has created. I speak only from personal experience, and what I myself saw. I observed many North African and Middle Eastern migrants in Rome, who predominantly dwelled around tourist dominated areas, in the search for avenues to earn money.

My experience with these North African and Islamic migrants, was for the most part anything but positive. Whenever myself and my girlfriend walked around Rome, we were often surrounded by the preying eyes of these migrants. In fairness, there was a small percentage of native Italians, who seemed suspicious and displayed less than enviable attitudes toward women. However, the overwhelming majority of the African migrants I saw, carried archaic and patriarchal views towards women. It seemed to appear that any woman dressed in a western and more freely expressed manner, as opposed to a headscarf or burqa, evoked great feelings of lust and desire. This resulted in many long and untoward stares, that were in many cases directed towards my girlfriend. Given the current rape epidemic that exists in countries with high Islamic immigration, such as Sweden, it is safe to assume that these men were not thinking through a friendly and well natured lense.

To any leftist that disputes the authenticity of my experience, I suggest they fulfill my challenge. I challenge anyone who believes these recent African migrants to be respectful towards women, to leave their daughter, sister or girlfriend, with a group of these men for even 10 minutes. I would be amazed, if even the most open minded, multicultural person, had satisfactory reviews of such an event.

African and Muslim men, are from cultures that share drastically different views about women. It is unreasonable to expect these people to instantly change their previous views, in the free and open West. Nonetheless, if Italy, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter, seeks a future in which women are to receive adequate respect, continuing on its course of mass migration would be have disastrous implications.

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