2016 US Presidential election: primaries

Donald Trump

From the start, my opinons have ebbed and flowed on Donald Trump. At first, I was a huge fan. Drawn to his macho and assertive style, Trump generated infectious waves of enthusiasm in his campaign announcement speech, in which he promised to ‘build a wall and make Mexico pay for it‘.

Later, I viewed Trump as being potentially irresponsible, and unfit to lead. His personal attacks continued, toward Megyn Kelly, and in his war on Jeb Bush, and overall he demonstrated reckless and untamed levels of anger, resulting in endless controversies. The charismatic, and at times egoistic Trump, has divided many. It is true, that there has not been an American president elected without previous experience in politics, since Dwight Eisenhower in 1953.

However, this aspect may in fact be Trump’s greatest strength. This candidate, who has lead virtually every poll to this point, holds a record of an extremely successful career in business. In a vastly different manner to the ‘establishment’, or the ‘Washington cartel’, Trump has no interest in maintaining the political status quo, for the sake of lobby and special interest groups. His enormous wealth has allowed him to finance his own Presidential campaign, with no restrictions or limitations on the policies he can propose.

At 69, Trump is not a young man. The pursual of the position of American president, in this case, is not done so for a lust of money, career development, or entirely for narcissm related reasons. Having achieved everything in business, and having a net worth in the billions, his financial gains and life achievements speak for themselves. The seeking of the position of president, is consequently done out of a genuine concern for the United States, and the direction it is going.

Of course, no Presidential candidate can deliver on everything they promise. Without any sense of urgency being instilled amongst voters, people will simply not become engaged, and will not vote.

Nonetheless, his proposals on trade, foreign policy, radical Islam, immigration, whilst being polarising, has caught the attention of America, primarily for one reason.  A very clear message his been sent, from the beginning of his campaign to the present. As an American entrepenuer, a classic beneficiary of a free and capitalist society, it is evident that under a Trump leadership, America is set to truly regain its status as leader of the free world. Obama’s overreaction toward the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his development of a passive and pacifist leadership style, has culminated in a collapse in America’s status of strength in the world. In his response toward the aggression of China, Russia, Iran, and in regards to radical Islam, Obama has moved America into a weakened, and reactionary position of weakness in the world.

Contrastingly, Donald Trump, with no checks and balances on what he could propose in office, has the genuine capability to take America, through his unique and brandish personality, back to its former glory.

It is Trump’s record in business, his disregard of political correctness, his no holds barred approach,in addition to the dominant proposals on trade, foreign policy, radical Islam and immigration, are what has won over my endorsement for the bestowed, and all important position of president of the United States.

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