Barrack Obama

Obama’s relentless weakness

The situation is beyond laughable

Obama: Unity on climate change will be “powerful rebuke” to terrorists

2 thoughts on “Obama’s relentless weakness

  1. Your right. I get his initial agenda: get out of the costly and unnecessary wars. But the way he’s done it, and his foreign policy towards Russia, China, Iran, and throughout the Middle East, has been reactionary and disastrous.

  2. Laughable and… disgusting. It’s been a long time since I’ve been anything resembling a fan, supporter, or believer in him, but I always tried to be reasonable in my outlook. Realistic. That used to mean I disagree with a lot of the rhetoric and opinions of people on the far right, but more and more these days he’s showing his constituency that even some of the worst of their criticisms and concerns are dead on. It’s disturbing how low a priority the saftey and confidence of the American people as a whole seems to be to him, more and more so.

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