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London’s suicide

imageHello to all my friends, wherever you may be! It has come to my attention, that was has been speculated about, is indeed true. I want to say that London remains a great city, a hub of cultural, intellectual, economic and scientific innovation. Thus, it maintains for now it’s status as a great place to visit.

However, the demographic transition taking place in London is undeniable. Earlier, when I was waiting at the Heathrow airport, there was very close to more people wearing headscarfs and burqas, then there were white people. Considering many of these white people were older, this transition is made particularly pronounced.

The time for playing down this demographic change occurring across Europe, is over. Here and now, given high Muslim immigration, and higher Muslim birthrates, I do believe that Britain will eventually become an Islamic country. Whether that comes in 30,40 or 100 years, seems the question, rather than whether or not this complete transition will take place.

When this occurs, the values and beliefs, will inevitably evolve to suit the dominant ethnic group, which worshipps a 7th century murdering pedophile, and believes in the literal word of a hate filled and backward ideology propagated in the Quran.

Looking forward, I perceive there to be only one country that the world can truly rely on as a bastion of human rights, democracy and freedom. I have always believed in the United States, and more than ever we will need to it to retain its world leadership in the future.





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  1. How could I not read with a headline that describes my death. Glad I did, however why don’t you add some facts and figures with good sources, for example pointing out that London’s population has now for the 1st time passed 50% not born in the U.K That came out this year, I believe Birmingham the 2nd largest UK city is very close too. I’m not sure what the laws are in Australia but I imagine they will be pretty much mirroring our own therefore be careful, as it’s best o point out specific provable facts rather than sweeping generalisations, in order to avoid “”hate speech arrest. And finally make hay whilst the sun shines, only last night I read a shocking article about France drawing up anti “conspiracy theorist” or three thinking as it’s known. Orwellian indeed. Good luck.

    1. Usually I’m good with the stats, but don’t have good access to a laptop, so I’m making do. Well to hell with hate speech, and I regardless, I have not done anything to incite hatred and anyone who knows my blog knows this

    2. I am a reader of your blog and would encourage others to do so. I in no way believe you have indulged in “Hate Speech” I am simply making the point that ever increasing PC laws have criminalised elements of free speech, for example in the UK “anything that is likely to cause offence” is a broad sweeping catch all term. Almost all criticism of Multiculturalism is attacked as being Racist.
      On the matter of statistics if I may. Here is a direct quote took from the UK Daily Mail who’s source was the 2011 UK Census.

      (Just 3.7million Londoners described their ethnicity as ‘White British’ in 2011 – down from 4.3million in 2001, and making up 44.9 per cent of the city’s population.

      Five London boroughs saw the proportion of white Britons fall by more than a quarter. The largest decline was in Newham, East London, where the decrease was 37.5 per cent.

      In Barking and Dagenham, on the East London/Essex border, 80 per cent of residents were white British in 2001 but by 2011 the proportion was 49 per cent.

      Read more:
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      I think you will agree the speed of change is quite shocking, and happens at a rate which seems to only encourage this trend.
      Unless this issue is discussed more openly, by all political parties, media and public blogs such as yours, without the fear of Racism accusations and smears, then I believe more right wing parties will continue to grow, as indigenous populations feel more and more disaffected.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond and I hope I have made my point more clear, as I intended no criticism of your blog, only my long-winded tuppence 🙂

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