Washington and Beijing – Dr. John John Lenczowski speaks at the YAF on matters of statecraft

The World is a volatile place – that’s no revelation. Although many naive flower children would wave their arms and holler that the West is run by conservative fear mongers, the truth is we’re finding ourselves increasingly besieged, and the secure position we had found ourselves in post-Cold War is at its end. China is rising, it’s aggressive, and it’s unashamedly positioning itself to dominate the U.S.

As Lenczowski asserts in the provided video, the U.S. is about to find itself in a position it hasn’t encountered since 1812. For the first time in two centuries, it’s tasked with the duty of winning against an economy that is larger than its own. What’s worse is that their current leadership is neither cognisant nor competent in dealing with the dire and rising danger. With the U.S. being all that realistically stands between Australia and China’s hungry ambitions, this keeps me up at night.

With communist ideology during the Cold War instilling a firmly leftist mentality in colleges and other institutions throughout the U.S., the public is starkly divided on their perceptions of how the World works. Lucid planners are faced with the arduous burden of not only mobilising in the face of a huge and unparalleled enemy that is in the lead, but also uniting their own nation in recognising the threat. Luckily, there are people who are doing their part to put a spotlight on China’s activities and Lenczowski is one of them. Let’s give him the time of day and hear him. Hopefully we can take some of his insight away and bombard our ignorant countrymen with urgently needed revelations.

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