My European experiences with Islam


Tonight, I am travelling to Europe, for a tad under 6 week holiday. I am going to many major European cities, including London and Paris. Nonetheless, I intend to remain active on this blog, and regularly update it. For years, I have researched Islam, and its impacts. Much of the rhetoric in recent years, is that Europe is in the process of being suffocated under the influence of Islam, more so than North America or Australia. Thus, aside from pure holidaying, I see this is a unique opportunity, in allowing me to travel into cities with a heavy Islamic presence, and providing me with the capacity to assess the impacts of this ideology first hand.

I suspect that Europe may be awash with jihadists if recent news is anything to go off. However, I will remain loyal to speaking the realities of Islam, wherever I will be, and I look forward to continue spreading the gospel of truth on this blog.


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