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A woeful response: Clearly Muslims are more important than Christians

Today, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, gave his national security speech. As usual, it was filled with waffling and fanciful rhetoric, with limited actual substance in his address. One thing that Turnbull did say, in effect, is that the threat posed by the Islamic State was largely an exaggerated one. The Prime Minister stated; “We should grieve and we should be angry, but we must not let grief or anger cloud our judgment. Our response must be as clear-eyed and strategic as it is determined”. Turnbull also illustrated the Islamic State to be a weakened enemy, stating “ISIL is in a fundamentally weak position. ISIL has many more smartphones than guns, more Twitter accounts than fighters”.


In principle, I do reject the spreading of unnecessary fears over the situation in Iraq and Syria. The Islamic State, for now, does not control enormous sections of land threatening the territorial sovereignty of other states. However, I sense that Turnbull’s recent speech is dominated by naivety, as well as an unwillingness to truly combat the problem. Stating the weaknesses of the Islamic State may easily be achievable in Canberra, or from Barrack Obama’s office in Washington, but for the victims of Paris, and the countless others, the terror group was in fact extremely effective, in inflicting the intended carnage.


Moreover, the ongoing genocide of Christians in the Middle East, continues to endlessly confirm the extent of the dangers presented by IS. Can anyone imagine, just for a moment, if the tables were turned. There has been much false hysteria in recent years, in the preposterous claims that Muslims are the ‘new Jews’ in Europe, and that current ‘Islamophobia’, is on a par with pre- World War 2 antisemitism. However, if only a fraction of the unspeakable crimes occurring in the Middle East were instead carried out against Muslims in Christian majority countries within Europe, political and media attention would reach extraordinary and unprecedented highs. The care, concern and empathy, that is held for the feelings of Islamic people, pales in comparison to any anguishes held over the crimes perpetrated against Christians in the Middle East.


But for whatever reason, such crimes against Christians do not receive Western society’s worthy attention or time. Not a fashionable time to be a Christian, ey?

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  1. I agree with you about not over exaggerating the Islamic State threat. We should never over play any serious situation but our government’s should stop downplaying the threats as well. By downplaying the threats we could fall into the trap of being under prepared for any attack that could happen.

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