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US Presidential candidate review: Ted Cruz

Given that the 2016 Republican Party Presidential primaries are set to take place in only a few months, its seems that now provides a good opportunity to offer my opinion on some of the candidates.

Ted Cruz, a polarizing senator from Texas is among the front- runners, with some of the latest polls placing him at equal third.

In an original field of 17 candidates, this alone is a considerable achievement, and for a variety of reasons Cruz has found himself in this position.

Constantly in his campaign, Cruz has focused on his record in serving as a US senator, in being a ‘consistent conservative’ on a range of issues. If elected, Cruz has promised to ‘tear to shreds’ the Iran deal,  and has vigorously pushed for the power of states to ignore the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Cruz has been a renowned supporter of gun rights, and has promised to ‘repeal every word of Obamacare’. In fact, there is no other Republican politician that has demonstrated such extraordinary and outspoken opposition towards Obamacare, typified in his 2013 marathon 21 hour speech made in the Senate. Furthermore, on Planned Parenthood, radical Islam, as well as in many other areas, Cruz does have a consistent conservative record, and this has made him very much the darling of hard- right factions of the Republican party, as well as among America’s 92 million evangelical Christians.

For his critics and his supporters, Cruz undeniably has tremendous and unwavering passion for what he perceives to be the correct political course of action. He was central to the 2013 shutdown of government over Obamacare, and has pushed for a similar shutdown in a bid to defund Planned Parenthood. In ways, Cruz’ at times unfashionable strength in his convictions, and willingness to stand up for conservative causes, is his greatest strength.

However, in ways this is his greatest weakness. This vociferous and aggressive approach taken was largely to blame for Republican elder statesman John McCain describing Cruz as a ‘wacko bird’ in 2013. Critics of Cruz extend to former speaker John Boehner, who referred to Cruz as a ‘jack ass’. In US politics, for real policies and change to be achieved, acts of compromise must be pursued. The checks and balances designed in governmental system as seen in the positions of President, the House of Representatives, the Senate as well as the Supreme Court, combined with ongoing elections, can make progress difficult. Given the ways in which Cruz already alienates many in his own party, it will be difficult for Cruz to win over swing and more moderate voters.

For a more secular voter, or for a person that favors the continuation of a separation between church and state, Cruz has some concerning links. The father of Ted Cruz, and a key figure in the campaign trail; Rafael Cruz, has spoken publicly in the ability of his son to further push the country towards dominionism, as well as the reestablishment of a theocratic society. In 2012 Rafael Cruz described his son as being one of the ‘kings’ involved in the ‘great transfer of wealth’ to take control of American society, as according to the Seven Mountains mandate. In its purity, the mandate which aims to bring biblical law, includes death to those involved in Sodomy and a reestablishment of slavery, into the American legal system.

I’m not saying that on day 1 of a Ted Cruz administration, homosexuals will be put to death and that women will be persecuted. Nonetheless, despite the Cuban- American Senator’s many strengths, his connections to the Christian far right are disturbing. As such, I believe it could fraught with great risk should Cruz become US President. By the same token, there is great potential for an implementation of broader conservative principles across American society, principles of which I generally agree on.







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  1. Greetings

    I enjoy reading your blog, but you seem to be tepidly likening Christians to the likes of ISIS, you know the “Islamic Extremist”. Several hundred years have passed since the Christian Wars, and I am not aware of anyone in the USA ever being beheaded by Christians for failing to follow the teachings of The Christian God. Every candidate has a religion, well maybe Hillary Clinton is an exception, but I would sure prefer that religion be Christianity over Islam.

    The website you rely on is not exactly a bastion of truth, this site takes news bites and turns them into outlandish and untrue gotcha moments. Taking a photo of Senator Ted Cruz sitting with Henry Kissinger, and somehow twisting that brief visit into a “Cruz undoubtedly would agree with Kissinger on trade.” wow, I certainly would not be quoting as a truth, a rag like that.

    One of my explanations of the term “Conservative” is to NOT succumb or use the sensationalism presented by those who are severely disingenuous. During this campaign, we have seen multiple presidential candidates that have visited Mr. Kissinger, to include; Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry. In 2007, Kissinger endorsed John McCain, and Sara Palin, in 2012 Mitt Romney was a benefactor of Kissinger blessing. On the other side of the isle, Kissinger has provided counsel to Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry commented on Kissinger’s book as a “superb” guide to the modern world and met privately with him. Hillary Clinton also wrote a glowing review of Kissinger’s book.

    As is evident, most every political leader since Nixon, has met is some manner with Henry Kissinger over the years. Even if he were a Soviet Spy, a secret KJB agent, as the rag Exposing Modern Mugwumps, implies, at the ripe old age of 92, he holds a tremendous knowledge on foreign affairs. And any political leader should jump at the chance to pick his brain. That does NOT mean the information they might glean from such a meeting will be put into play, but views from all angles must be evaluated along with other information to formulate an effective plan of action. To ignore an opposing view, is usually to ones and ultimately, the country’s detriment.

    In case you are interested in actually listening to Ted Cruz, instead of relying on rags such as the Mugwumps, I have created a speciall link to find Ted Cruz audio clips on my podcast, listen, then decide for your self. http://www.oldguardaudio.com/category/podcast/us-senate/ted-cruz/

    1. No, I do not think that radical Christianity is as big as threat as radical Islam. No doubt there. But any movement to further push Christianity to dominate the State of the United States, in my opinion, would be an undesirable course of action.

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