A call to arms

It has been one week since the France terror attacks. I must admit, that I have been disgusted with the response from the media, and much of the response on WordPress.

Constantly, again and again, I see appeasement, and the age old lie of ‘not all Muslims are terrorists therefore Islam is peaceful’. I thought that if there was one thing that could come out of this tragedy, it could truly open the world’s eyes to the realities of Islam.

From my perspective, given the media, as well as the countless bleeding heart apologies made for radical Islam that have been made on Facebook, Western civilization seems to be continuing on its path toward sleepwalking into an oblivion. It is like the lives of these innocent French have been forgotten, as terrorism has been accepted and normalized into the weakened free world.

Subsequently, us truth tellers, freedom fighters, the true defenders of human rights and equality, must become more vocal than ever. All of us on WordPress play some small role in the world’s media, and even if we were to influence one person’s mind on Islam, that is a positive effect. It is our duty to protect our world from the progressives’ push to societal suicide, and spread the truth on Islam.

I am urging all those who speak the truth on Islam, to remain vigilant, and to continue their vital work. More than anything, the world needs liberty protectors and genuine upholders of our democratic values, if we are to have any hope.

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