Islam in Australia

Our lying Grand Mufti


Ibrahim Abu Mohamed (left), the grand mufti of Australia.

In 2011, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed was appointed as Australia’s new Grand Mufti, the highest post for an Islamic cleric in Australia. At the time, our new Mufti declared it as being his ‘duty’ to cure the ‘radicalized’ young Muslims.

His record since has been highly contrasting from his original proclamation. In 2012, the Grand Mufti met with leaders from the terrorist organisation Hamas, stating; “I am pleased to stand on the land of jihad to learn from its sons”.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of the events in Paris, the so called Mufti described racism and Islamophobia as the ‘causative factors’ of this terrorist attack.

He is the sort of pet the Leftist media establishment are desperate to portray, a ‘moderate’ Muslim leader who could voice the views of the Muslim mainstream. The truth is, that in Australia, and most likely throughout Europe and North America, the views of Dr Mohammed are mainstream among Muslims. Falsely developed perceptions of persecution and injustice within the Muslim community, have reached such levels, that ‘Islamophobia’ can now be used to excuse the death of hundreds of French citizens.

Nonetheless, I do not buy into this misleading dichotomy that Muslims are the primary victims, at the hands of Western imperialism and racism. If anything, this concept is more accurate when in reverse; given the Muslim persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East as well as terror threats in our own countries.




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