France terror attacks part 2: Stockholm syndrome

First and foremost, I again express my deepest condolences with the French country and people, our long time allies and friends.

I can’t speak at great lengths about the media coverage of this tragedy in North America and Europe. However, here in Australia, unfortunately some of the press have been up to their old tricks in regards to Islam. On the ABC, (our national news broadcaster), I witnessed scores of ‘counter terrorism experts’ and ‘security experts’, espouse the same lies we have seen for decades. They stated ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and that ‘we must try as hard as we can to not alienate an already marginalized community’.

Firstly, I would say in principle that everything I say is not in order to offend people, and if offense is caused that is perhaps unfortunate. However, there should be nothing holding us back in the pursuit of truth, due to a fear of causing offence. In elements of the Western world, there is an extraordinarily twisted and delusional mindset, which states that concern must be shown for the supposed backlash that Muslims will face, to a greater extent than for the hundreds of native French massacred.

This underlying message conveyed by Left wing politics, suggests one thing. The result of an undercurrent of self hatred, loathing, and guilt about past acts of colonialism that exist in our society, is that deep down, beneath the moral crusading, beneath the protests against racism and ‘Islamophobia’, is that we believe that we deserve the terrible tragedies, as witnessed in Paris.

There has been an excessive focus on dark elements of our history, and there is a widespread idea that it has only been the white countries, that have been responsible for the evils of the past, and is somewhat involved in all of their occurrences in the present.

We are experiencing unprecedented levels of Stockholm syndrome, which is defined as a “psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors”.

The continual suggestions that we need to reach out to and assist Muslims in their heartbreak of being offended, is Stockholm syndrome. We have considerable empathy and sympathy with our captors in our society, and the aggressors, and it has reached unhealthy and suicidal levels.

If there is one thing that has or can come out of Paris, it must be a reversal of this mindset. The concept that Muslims are the main victims in our free societies, is extremely damaging. It prevents officials from focusing on the real root of these terror attacks. It enables the extremists, as without the root cause of these events being identified, it remains impossible to definitively solve these issues. Thus, we must end Stockholm syndrome, call a spade a spade, and be honest about what Islam is; a totalitarian, fascistic, violent, hostile and aggressive ideology, if we have any hope of winning this war.

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