Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

“Islam may have bad stuff. But what about the crusades?!!”

In most cases, whenever negative press and attention is drawn towards Islam, there are a variety of tactics utilized to divert attention. When questions are raised over the religion’s intentions and moral value, a common tactic used by the apologists of Islamic terrorism, including Barrack Hussein Obama, is to distract the audience, by bringing into discussion the Crusades. The Crusades are brought up so repetitively that an uneducated individual, with no meaningful knowledge of history, would be forgiven for believing that these events took place recently in the 20th century. However, despite Obama’s treacherous dialogue, the final Crusade ended in 1291, meaning that any modern attempts to use these events as evidence for violent teachings in Christianity, in an effort to discredit the dangers posed by Islam, is entirely disingenuous.

Let me be clear, I am happy to condemn the negative features of the Crusades, as well as the practices of radical Christianity, and its at times barbaric outlook on Jews, women, homosexuals and others.

However, discussions about contemporary issues such as Islamic terrorism, should for the most part be kept within a modern and relevant time-frame. The most significant point is, regardless of what occurred in the past, or what is written down in scripture, is that Islamic groups, through their understanding of Islam, currently threaten democratic and humanistic values. No debate over what Islam may really teach, or how extremists are taking the Qu’ran ‘out of context’, can change these facts. Throughout North America, Europe, Western and North Africa, East Africa, the Middle EastCentral AsiaSouth East Asia, as well as Australia, exist groups intending to establish a global caliphate. Virtually every corner of the globe, is somewhat infected by the Jihadist cancer, and thus it is a widespread problem requiring addressing.

So how about we stop getting distracted, and focus on the real issue at hand?

70 thoughts on ““Islam may have bad stuff. But what about the crusades?!!”

  1. BTW, the Crusades might have been more a reaction to the beginning of encroachment into Europe, in Spain and in what is now Turkey, of Islam. Church leaders were not totally void of strategic thinking.

    So, one way to stop Islam’s advance was to push back on Christianity’s previously lost territory – namely in the Holy Land. That there were atrocities (by today’s standards) committed is undeniable. But such is the nature of war, even Holy War.

    1. That is a very good point Bob. They were defensive in nature, and as Robert Spencer has pointed out before, the first crusades began in a defensive nature, to reclaim stolen Christian lands

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