Islam in America

The Third Jihad

Anyone with any time on their hands must watch this video, it sums up so much of the Islamic threat.

10 thoughts on “The Third Jihad

    1. Yes I’m a white Englishmen and proud so thanks kid 🙂 just lay of the YouTube, conspiracy theories and propaganda and maybe you’ll have a chance. Be human kid not a sheep 😘

    2. What, that he had sex with a 9 year old, and as Surah 33 verse 21 states that he is a ‘excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah’. He has beheaded tribes of Jews and is regarded as the perfect man in Islam. You are one deluded fellow

    3. Aww ♥️ that’s a classic atleast articulate your own arguments 😂 you need to read up on history and science it has already been refuted, you much to learn cutie 😂 what a classic, instead of forming deluded conclusions from others (by that argument proves it), rather ask questions and research it yourself instead of staying in your bubble not learning a thing and be miserable all your life you seriously sound like old bitter pensioner. Good luck on your conquest

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