Islam in Australia

Geert Wilders situation reversed: Hizb ut- Tahir

In previous blog posts, I made a comparison between the harshness of the reception faced during Geert Wilders’ visit, compared with the the appeasement and acceptance demonstrated towards Hizb ut- Tahir. I wrote; “radical Islamists such as members of the infamous Hizb ut-Tahrir, who call for a global caliphate and a destruction of the West, have no issue in receiving a platform for their hate filled doctrine”.

On the weekend, Hizb ut- Tahir held a ‘Muslim until proven innocent doctrine’. This agenda continues the portrayal of Islamists as being the victims, in order to disguise their aggressive and global agenda. The group claimed requirements for Muslims to sing the national anthem was ‘forced assimilation’, as a part of their push to generate sympathy for their radical position. In the lead up to, and in the aftermath of this conference, there has been no great moral outrage over the event. This group, which intends to destroy Western civilisation, the rule of law and democracy, was allowed an open platform to deliver its message. In contrast to the visit of Geert Wilders’, there were no caution notices sent by the Australian Hotels Association. There were no state premiers boasting that public buildings would be unavailable for this event. Moreover, there was no need to hide the details of the location, with no comparable safety or security threats. The intensely politically correct response toward this event highlights Australia’s current state of cowardice and compromise, regarded as being highly compatible with Islam’s doctrine of expansion and aggression.

There are some who label the Islamic issue in Australia and the West as a ‘beat up’. Some state that concerns over Islamic integration are exaggerated, and are bigoted claims, driven by a desire to divide our society. However, the response to this conference, which acted to brainwash the 800 attendees into believing radical values, the antithesis of freedom, reveals that there is a very serious moral inversion in this country. This must be reversed as quickly as possible, as Australia is changing beyond recognition.

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