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5 steps to stop Islamization

blog photo number 1The issue of Islamic extremism, in terrorist atrocities carried out by Muslisms, as well as the promotion of backward Islamic values, is a contentious one. Perhaps there is too much time and effort focused on attacks that occurred or potential attacks that may have been thwarted, rather than addressing the root causes of the issue. To my mind, Islamization represents far more than terrorism, it is in fact more related to the creeping influence of unwanted Islamic beliefs and practices into our democratic society. Henceforth, I believe there to be 5, well measured and practical steps that can be taken by government, that can either halt or significantly damage Islam’s influence into our societies, before it is too late.

  1. Moratorium on immigration from the OIC: To my mind, some kind of moratorium on Islamic immigration, potentially for five or ten years, is vital, until conditions can be reassessed. This policy is the most needed of all, however any discussion of it is likely to be highly divisive and met with passionate and fierce opposition. Nonetheless, Australia has reached a cross roads, where it has hundreds of its own citizens overseas fighting for the terror network; Islamic state. Many more have either been killed in action, prevented from going overseas, or are plotting attacks on Australia. To put it bluntly, in contrast with what Muslim leaders will say, the Islamic community in Australia is out of control. It is important to stop Islamic immigration, in order for Australia and its Muslim citizens to have more time and opportunity to truly integrate, and for our problems to be contained. It is crucial for these people to become Australian first, and Muslim second. Public proponents for such a plan will most likely be met with the barrage of claims such as ‘you hate all Muslims’ or ‘you’re a Fascist pig’!!! Well, to any lefties who may be reading, and are simmering with anger at my proposals, try hearing out people like me for once. If I have not made it already clear in this blog, I am not against most Muslims, in fact I believe that the vast majority are law abiding and peaceful people, who have no interest in engaging in terror activities. However, this face does nothing to change the reality that it will only take a small group of people, to cause a great deal of damage. Thus, a type of moratorium on Islamic immigration would be highly important in stopping the process of Islamization.
  2. Stop foreign funding of Australian mosques: This policy may be met with criticism as well, with people shouting, ‘That’s unfair’ and ‘that’s dicrimination’! Well, this is a highly appropriate action, and if nations can exercise tariffs and exchange controls, then I believe there is no reason as to why this policy could not be carried out. If it was found to a violation of freedom of religion, then I would wish for the Constitution to be changed to allow for this to occur. It is well known that Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but is also dominated by the vile and repugnant ideologies of Sunni Islam’s Wahhibism and Salafism. Saudi Arabia, its wealthy billionaires, as well as other oil rich gulf states, have used their influence to fund and spread the growth of new mosques throughout the Western World. With no thought, politicians have been oblivious to the impact of funding these mosques, established by the most extreme forms of Islam. Online, many Australians have been drawn toward ultra conservative forms of Islam, however, we are naive to think local mosques have not played a part. Thus, a ban on foreign funding of Australian mosques, provides more hope than new mosques will be established by more progressive, Australian Muslims, as opposed to the misogynistic, homophobic, barbaric, cruel and purist hatred that these schools of Islam present.
  3. Segregate Prisons: During the 1970’s; a time in which Ireland had become highly dangerous and was plagued by the terrorism of the IRA, Catholics and Protestants were separated to make for safer, secure prisons. Whilst Australia isn’t yet comparable to 1970’s Ireland, there are issues within our society. The potential for the dangerous rhetoric of Islam to reach the most dangerous of Australian criminals, and the ability for proselytization to occur whilst these individuals are at their most vulnerable, is worrying. Islam offers a way out of hardship, teaches followers they are of great superiority, and that unbelievers are ‘the worst of creatures’ (Surah 98 verse 6). To those who have had an undesirable or indifferent past, its language presents a means to further position potential criminals against the laws, values and fundamentals of a country, which is a grave danger. Consequently, some kind of segregation, through some means, should occur to ensure the most worst of our criminals to not fall victim to the appealing rebirth that Islam could provide.
  4. Full investigation into terrorist originating mosques: This really does seem like a no- brainer. For any mosque in which a terrorist, or a person convicted of terrorist charges once worshipped at, a full investigation into the nature of this institution should occur. It seems illogical to take the words of the officials, that the teachings in the mosque are peaceful and not hateful in any means. If the agenda of a mosque would be to propogate hatred, why would mosque officials ever admit to this? Therefore, if a terrorist or a person convicted on terror charges was a previous worshipper at mosque, this religious institution should be held to account as it is crucial to stamp out potential hate where possible. If any wrongdoings are found and hatred is found to be propagated and promoted, these individuals should be convicted and punished accordingly.
  5. Ban the Burqa:  The burqa symbolizes many different things to different people. Fundamentally, in Australia’s context, in which a women can drive, vote, sexually express herself, perform an abortion, have a job, and get an equal share in divorce settlements, the burqa is a symbol of oppression. In a free society, Muslim women wearing the dress is diametrically opposed to the freedom provided in Australia. It would be a good policy to ban the burqa on grounds of sending a powerful message that backward Islamic values cannot be allowed to be freely practiced in this country. Also, it would reduce public anxieties and fears over security and others issues with identification. Furthermore, banning the burqa would allow Muslim society and women to better integrate into our society, as human contact is unequivocally limited by this mode of dress.

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