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Geert Wilders visit to Australia

G’day to anyone reading. This is my first blog, so hope you enjoy! Recently, there has been media attention regarding Geert Wilders’ attempt to attain a visa into Australia. At first, the Australian immigration department intentionally delayed the granting of Mr Wilders’ visa, in an attempt to prevent him from speaking at a launch event for a new political party; the Australian Liberty Alliance. Eventually, our cowardly politicians granted the visa, and there has been much discussion as to whether or not this visa should have been allowed. As usual, the fascist left have tried to slander, slur and discredit Geert Wilders and everything that he stands for. However, one key fact is ignored that those who oppose Mr Wilders. He has committed NO crime. He has not been proved to incite violence, or directly cause violence. On the other hand, radical Islamists such as members of the infamous Hizb ut-Tahrir, who call for a global caliphate and a destruction of the West, have no issue in receiving a platform for their hate filled doctrine.

What kind of a place is Australia becoming, in which those who stand up for freedom and the preservation of our society are hounded and persecuted at every corner, whilst those who propogate Islamic law are given a free pass? Our society is changing at a rapid pace when considering recent terror attacks and that Muslims represent a minority no bigger than 2.5 % of the population, similar to the number of Buddhists. The policies of Mr Wilders are views that should be adopted in Australia as soon as practically possible. In order to fundamentally fix the problem of terrorism, it is absolutely crucial that we hold some kind of moratorium on Islamic immigration, in order to prevent further radical Islamic ideology coming to our shores. Wilders also stands for an end to Islamic religious schools, as well as the banning of the burqa, both vital measures in ensuring a greater effort to integrate Muslims into broader society. Despite the need for action, as has become customary, responses from the Australian Muslim community toward action directed at truth telling and reality, have been angry at the mere presence of Wilders. The Lebanese Muslim association President was quoted as saying ” Other countries have refused him [Wilders] entry and we have recently rejected Chris Brown for behaving in a certain way”. Once again, this comparison between Chris Brown as a convicted criminal and Geert Wilders is entirely disingenuous, as he has committed no crime.

If Australian society cannot recognize the outrageous nature of these slurs and distain for Wilders’ presence, it appears we will continue to head down the dark road, and result in further Islamization and Islamic influence into our free society.

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